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Improving your Running

There are many skills that we acquire over a life time from writing our name to driving a car. We learn them, then perfect them over many years. However, running is different! No one shows us how to run, either you are faster than your peers or not, and that is just the way it is! Sure good genetics play a role but you can run faster (and stay away from injury) if you have good technique.

So how do we achieve ‘good technique’? Well running is a cross lateral movement and has many biomechanical elements to it and can be performed extremely efficiently i.e. Mo Farah, Haile Gabrselassie and Michael Johnson. Cross lateral movement actually starts in the womb and is then further developed as a baby when one starts crawling across the floor. We then start to walk, again using cross lateral movement until at about 18 months to 2 years old when we have the ability to run.

The left side of the brain is in charge of the right side of the body and vice versa. When you cross an arm or leg over one side of the body to the other, both sides of your brain communicate with one another. Activating the body through cross lateral movements improves coordination and alertness, making the body move in a more fluid, more agile manner.

We all have own style of running i.e. heel strikers, midfoot strikers and forefoot strikers but more importantly to achieve a fast, efficient running gait the body needs rhythm. It is amazing when observing clients in clinic on their first appointment or in the park on a Sunday morning run how inefficient most runners are.

So what we are trying to reduce is compensation and minimize energy loss. If your body is compensating when running injury isn’t too far away. Whether its an anterior pelvic tilt or over-striding the question is not ‘will’ I get injured it’s ‘when’.

Lifestyle is a huge factor when talking about recreational runners. We lead sedentary lives, spending too much time sat in a chair either at home/office/car then twice a week ask our bodies to run for an hour or more with terrible footwear (see ‘Perfect Running Trainer’ post) and terrible running technique. A receipt for disaster! Many children are being diagnosed with dyspraxia when actually they haven’t developed the crucial motor skills for running because they are constantly plugged into their iphone or ipad.

To run more efficiently and therefore faster, there many elements to remember but once you have successfully practised the basics over several months, you will be a much more accomplished and faster runner.

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