Nail Surgery at Sevenoaks Podiatry

At Sevenoaks Podiatry we use minimally invasive surgical techniques that have been shown to achieve permanent resolution of ingrown toenails in up to 98.5% of cases. Surgery is recommended when an ingrown toenail repeatedly becomes painful or infected and when other conservative treatments have proved unsuccessful. The most common procedure we perform, a Partial Nail Avulsion (PNA), involves the removal of the offending portion of the nail. In most cases a chemical (phenol) is used preventively to help with re-growth of the removed section of nail.

Partial Nail Avulsion (PNA)

A minimally invasive technique that permanently removes one or both sides of the affected nail. You are left with a slightly narrower nail, without the ingrown section.

Total Nail Avulsion (TNA)

In rare cases it may be recommended that the entire nail be removed. This is called Total Nail Avulsion and is usually reserved for significantly deformed nails.

What is involved?
A simple in Clinic procedure that is performed under local anaesthetic. It takes around 30 minutes per toe and you can walk out afterwards.

After Surgery
You can expect very minimal post-operative pain and complete healing of the surgical site within 3-6 weeks. Three re-dressing appointments are required in the first 4 weeks following the procedure.

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